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When it comes to design, “Penny for your thoughts” take on a whole new meaning. Allow me to explain.

The key component to the success of a marketing campaign is to set your self apart. There is measure of conformity required to modern trends, but fitting in too much defeats it’s purpose. The marketing efforts would only results to the analogy, “trying to find a needle in the haystack”.

Now consider the difference of a penny to the other U.S. coins. If you lay these coins side by side, our eyes initially gravitates toward the penny. Why? It’s because the contrast of not only the color but also the direction in which the presidents are facing. The Penny hence becomes the vocal point of this composition. This is just one of many design principles that requires consideration.

Advertising layout consist of many visual elements (images as well as textual content). Some elements require more attention than others. If the purpose of an advert is to generate more traffic to a site then the visual hierarchy should primarily be given to the address of the website.

This principle not only applies to directing visual attention on a single ad, it also applies to an entire Ad Campaign. Remember, your not the only company battling for attention. With a unique visual approach, you could set your ad campaign apart from the rest. Being different would result to product/service awareness in the minds of consumers, hence “Penny for your thoughts”.
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