picture of before me

DsignFX is Web Design Firm run by Sam Quinto. He is not only the Owner/CEO but also the janitor. He is the wisest yet in the same token the dumbest employee. Let's not forget to mention that he is by far the best looking, which gives reason why he is chosen to be the model for the company. Crazy thing is that he always wins the "Ugliest Employee of the Month" Simply put...Sam Quinto is DsignFX, a Freelance Designer.

I'm not only the owner...I'm also a client.

Check out the before and after shot of what DsignFX did to me!!! Oh by the way, disregard the backgroud. They're not the same people.



Web Development is certainly a dynamic industry. With the evolution of technology, it makes it an exciting field to be in.

My OBJECTIVE is to obtain a position in which will allow me to display my abilities, yet in the same time, challenge me to expand my skills set.


I got mad SKILLS yo!!! but don’t worry, because one of them is the ability to switch from ghettoism to professionalism. It’s as easy as switching from Clark to Superman.

Though I can’t jump over tall buildings in a single bound. I’m able to animate it using Flash. Other software I’m proficient at are Photoshop, Illustrator, & Dreamweaver. I can’t speak Krypton, but know HTML, CSS, jQuery, XML, ActionScript, PHP, & MySQL.

And no I can’t outrun a speeding bullet, but I am a fast learner, looking to expand myself with Video Editing and 3D modeling.

Last but not least, my strongest point is the ability to conceptionalize, attracting attention not only visually but also intellectually.


Like they say, knowledge is power. I received my EDUMACATION at Brooks College in Long Beach, CA. I was a 3.8 G.P.A. honor student, member of Alpha Gamma Honor Society. I’m a nerd.


I presently work as a freelance designer. My past EXPERIENCE was a staff member at Brooks College in Long Beach, CA. My job responsibilities were to assist students with any web as well as graphic related applications.

Received my Ph.D from School of Hard Knocks, Fort Knox that is. I was stationed abroad on German soil. Beer and bratwurst…those were the days. And get this, a buddy of mine broke into Elvis Presly’s tank…ask me about it someday.

“C-One-Thirty on a one-way-strip, M1 Tanker on a one-way-trip. Mission top secret, destination unknown. We don’t even know if we’re ever coming home.” But now I’m a bible reader and promote peace.