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The world is changing with a click of the mouse. Oh wait, that was yesterday! These days it’s more like a tap on a screen. The point is...

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When it comes to design, “Penny for your thoughts” take on a whole new meaning. Allow me to explain. The key component to the success...

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What's great about modern technology is that it has leveled the plains of the marketing field. The mom and pop shops could now complete...

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DsignFX is Web Design Firm run by Sam Quinto. He is not only the Owner/CEO but also the janitor. He is the wisest yet in the same token the dumbest employee. Let's not forget to mention that he is by far the best looking, which gives reason why he is chosen to be the model for the company. Crazy thing is that he always wins the "Ugliest Employee of the Month" Simply put...Sam Quinto is DsignFX, a Freelance Designer.

I'm not only the owner...I'm also a client.

Check out the before and after shot of what DsignFX did to me!!! Oh by the way, disregard the backgroud. They're not the same people.

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